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Caroline Mueller Photography offers Over 15 Years of Professional Photography Experience. 

All Photo Shoots Include: High-Resolution Digital Image Files and Professional Image Retouching.

Our acting and modeling photo sessions include up to three outfit changes. 

Needing A Headshot For A Dallas Model Search
I'm needing a handsome headshot for a modeling search. I need to stand out and look charming. I have a lot of competition and I'm really needing a nice picture. What do I need to bring with me to my photo shoot?
Please bring a few outfits to choose from. Wear a solid color and wear and bring jeans, a colored t-shirt, a button up shirt, and a jacket. 

Being Cast As A Character For An Audition
I need a character headshot for a casting call. I would like a headshot for a specific role. I want to stick out and be remembered. Any suggestions you can give me for achieving a specific look?
Come with a outfits to your photo session that specifically look that part. If you want to be cast as a corporate attorney, wear a suit. If you want to land the role of a lumberjack, wear jeans and a flannel plaid shirt. When you audition for a specific role, allow your headshot to place you visually in that role. When they see your headshot, have it be easy for the casting directors to picture you in the lead. 

I Want To Become A Model
I want to go into the modeling business. I want to have some amazing pictures taken of me so that I can put them up on my website. I don't have really anything good in my portfolio. I want to look dazzling and look like a super model. My dream has always been in getting a modeling job. So, please help me out! I'm wanting pictures right away. I want pictures that show off my body and make me look magnificent! How do I start?
Well, if you are an aspiring model and new to the acting and modeling world, a current headshot is extremely important. For starters, bring as much as you would like to your photo shoot, and the photographer will help you make the best wardrobe decisions for your modeling pictures. Bring your favorites shirts, tops, blouses or dresses, and some of your favorite colors. There is no need to go out and purchase a lot of new clothes for your first headshot session, for beginners, just shopping in your closet is what we would recommend. 

Commercial Model Headshots
Commercial headshots for those working in the television business, This headshot will serve for many different purposes - to recommend you for print work, tv commercials, print advertisments, magazines and catalogs. Many different types of people fall in this category as commercial models are needed for a wide range of things. Commercial headshots need to look unique and interesting. 

Print Model Headshots
Modeling headshots for print models need to look stunning and alluring. There is a lot of attention and focus on your headshots, as you will be working to promote and sell beauty products, billboards, advertisements, banners, brochures, flyers, magazines, etc. Your photo shoot will focus on your soft skin, delicate features, elegant looks, and pretty smile. 

Promotional Model 
Promo model headshots need to have an energy about them. Companies and businesses will be looking to hire you based on your ability to represent their product or brand. Your picture needs to look positive, outgoing, have a great attitude, and a warm smile. 

Petite Model

You need a good looking headshot, mid and full shots and along with your headshot, your photo shoot will need to include pictures of your hands and feet so that you can show them off for your future petite modeling jobs. 

Plus-Size Model

As a plus size model, you are a professional model that weighs more, are shapely, curvy, or has a fuller figure. You will need a professional headshot showing off your radiant smile, a mid shot, and a full length photograph, as catalogues and clothing brands will most likely be looking for you for print work and need to see your full figure. 

Part Model 

If you are a parts model, or interested in becoming a model with this focus, you will only model specific body parts - hands, feet, eyes, teeth, legs, back, ears, neck, etc. The photographer will include props for this photo shoot. 

Child Model

A parent or guardian is expected to accompany child during photo shoot. Please have child come dressed and ready for picture taking. Child headshot sessions are lively and fun - Caroline puts music on in the background, there is a lot of interaction and fun child play to get that perfect headshot! 

Freelance Model Help

If you work alone without a manager, an agent or a modeling agency, and get your jobs through freelance modeling, you will need to stay on top of it by having a great looking headshot and quite a few excellent mid shots and full body images for your online portfolio. Most of your modeling work will come from you being found online, so make sure that you have a current photo for your social media sites and your own personal modeling website. It also is a good idea to make sure your Facebook profile picture looks marketable, and that your Twitter avatar picture has a current picture of you.

For more information, please check out the Headshot Info page!

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