Dallas Headshots, Actors, Models and Business Portraits

Caroline Mueller Photography offers Over 15 Years of Professional Photography Experience. 

All Photo Shoots Include: High-Resolution Digital Image Files and Professional Image Retouching.

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Caroline Mueller Photography offers Over 15 Years of Professional Photography Experience. 

All Photo Shoots Include: High-Resolution Digital Image Files and Professional Image Retouching.


1. Social Media Headshots

2. Modeling Headshots 

3. Fashion Portraits 

4. Online Dating Headshots

5. Artist Headshots

6. Professional Headshots

7. Marketing Headshots 


  • LinkedIn Headshot: For LinkedIn headshots please wear business attire or business casual 
  • Facebook Profiles: FB Bio Pages and Facebook Business Pages - You can dress semiformal/business attire, business casual, smart casual or casual 
  • Twitter: For Twitter Bio Pages and Background Pages or Promotional Links - You can dress business attire, business casual, smart casual or casual 
  • Pinterest: For Your Pinterest Bio Pictures - Think: Creative Look, Stand Out, Visual Aid, Unique - colorful business attire, cocktail attire, black tie, smart casual
  • Instagram: For Instagram Profile Pictures - Think: Artistic - Bright, Colorful, smart casual, cocktail attire, solids, patterns
  • Google+ Pages: For a Google+ Page Profile Picture - Think: Bright Color, wear solids that pop and stop 
  • Blogs: For Personal Blog Bio Pictures and About Me - Think: Your Personal Touch, wear colors you love for this photo shoot, bring visual aid - a mug, computer, flowers, patterns, design




We photograph professional actors and models and prominent performers and artists. If you are looking for that perfect Hollywood headshot – or you are a theatrical actor or a commercial actor needing to add to your talent pictures, we recommend you get the best headshot possible for your acting success. Photographer retouches images for your acting pictures. Many use these acting headshots to create a new online acting portfolio. Actors may choose a photography session that include outfit or costume changes – to give a variety to your photos in your acting portfolio. Please note that actor headshot sessions include some mid-length images and full-length images as well. We range from adult actor head shots to kid actor portfolio services. Kids and teens headshots, male and female actor headshots.  It is important to have a current Head Shot for Modeling Agencies, Talent Agencies, Auditions or Go – Sees. Our Location and Studio portraits are personalized headshots, providing high quality portraiture – all are professionally retouched. Our motto is that you deserve a beautiful picture of yourself. Our clients are from all over the country – whether you need a Los Angeles headshot or New York headshot to submit to agencies there. You need the best headshot out there as you are up against a very competitive industry of entertainment professionals. Many modeling agencies search for the best headshot – future celebrities, real character, beauty, color, transition, the new look, the future – future top model or the future top actor. We will suggest our favorite modeling picture of you and the best headshot from our session. We create Professional headshots that stand out.

For a model headshot, bring along several outfits for a modeling photo shoot – Photographer allows you to bring props as well. This modeling photography session allows for a lot of creativity and unique photographs. It's important to keep a current headshot if you are a Dallas model or wanting to be hired as a model for a Dallas modeling agency. This specific photography session is intended to add more pictures to your modeling portfolio. As a model photographer, Caroline suggests what to wear. Call for suggestions on clothing choices. We work with talent. Updating your Actor Headshot is highly recommended as it is important to have a current head shot. We offer Actor & Actress Headshot wardrobe consultations and will answer your questions. With great fashion sense and a flair, wardrobe consultants focus on colors, styles, accessories, and even hair and makeup. You are working in a competitive market, and a great headshot is very important. We provide professional headshot photographs and we offer affordable headshots with our personal sessions. All model portraits includes images for your modeling agency. We retouch images and they are print ready for your modeling comp card. We suggest that child models and teen models wear and bring solid colors for getting your modeling pictures. 


Our studio specializes in top modeling fashion photography, fashion portraits and beautiful headshots - modeling headshots and modeling portfolios that are highly artistic, modern, and fresh, for fashion shows, fashion models, runway models, and print models. These are usually colorful high end fashion portraits - high fashion with dramatic make-up, dramatic expressions, billowing dresses, ball gowns, evening dresses, formal attire, incorporating story-telling and Vogue type look. These pictures are images that capture style, beauty and culture. Caroline captures emotion with her compositional clarity. These are more personalized sessions, taking a more documentary approach.



 YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! Don't just post any old photo to represent you. It is important to bring fresh new attractive photos to your online dating profile - profile photos that represents the real you. You're online dating pictures are professionally retouched. Most likely your picture will only have a few seconds to represent itself before someone chooses to swipe to the right or to the left. Therefore, your profile photo needs to be outstanding. It’s time to replace your original photo with a completely unforgettable picture. Your digital images need to be eye-catching and absolutely unforgettable and capture your personality and uniqueness. Update your picture on your dating apps - whatever they may be Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, The League, eHarmony, Match, Christian Mingle and Happen. Also, use your new picture to update your Pinterest Page, Instagram Pic, Twitter Bio, FB page, and perhaps even your HQ pic!


Are you aware that many people on dating sites use professional photographers for their profile pictures? You will be matched with people who very likely have posted professional pictures for their images. The #1 key to Successful Online Dating is your Profile Photo. In the online dating industry, the number one thing they ask for is for you to search for the one you are looking for. We strive to capture the real you and help you get the dates you want with our Online Dating Profile Photos. We do this by offering dating headshots that show your true personality. You will be proud to show off your new and updated dating service profile picture when your dating headshot says a lot more about you than just what you write. It is important to take away the visual barrier of having never seen you in person yet, by allowing someone the opportunity of seeing you in your entirety - a full shot - to make it easy for that special someone to find you and meet you. So, toss out those poor self-portraits, snapshots, selfies and old party photos, and allow us to help you with your successful and appealing profile photos. Most people have not had a “portrait” shot since high school prom or their high school yearbook, but the best time to correct this is now. Singles Dating in the city - Online Dating Social Profiles, whatever it might be for - the best time to start a new chapter, is to start today! To get photos for online dating or dating headshots, please call for more information. 


  • Bio Pages / About Me Pages
Our service and our images will enhance an individual's bio page. It is important to have a distinctive yet unique look to An About Me page. 
  • Artist and Artwork
This head shot session usually incorporates visual aid. If you are a painter, then you might have your portrait be with one of your paintings or with your paintbrushes and palette. Perhaps you design your own jewelry, if so, then your jewelry will be front and center and a part of your headshot focus
  • Solo Artist / Musician
A singer might bring along his mic for singing, or a guitarist, her guitar. This headshot session ranges from very theatrical to commercial in appearance. The style and choice of dress depends of the individual artist and their specific art statement. These sessions are fun and art in the making! 



For clients needing a business headshot for a website profile picture, for a publican or magazine. All business portraits are shot with a studio backdrop. This is a traditional business portrait – Professional Business Pictures for Profiles or for Company Bio Pages. 


Many corporate companies needing executive / corporate portraits here in Dallas are looking for a very easy way to update photos of your CEOs, CFOs, VPs, officers, board of directors, employees, etc. The portrait session is also ideal for presidents, general marketing, magazines, etc. We will create a quality business portrait for you and our executive headshot will make a lasting impression. If you need corporate executive headshots or business portraits, we specialize in standard head-and-shoulder portraits. We also shoot waist-up portraits. If you wish for your executive portrait to be an environmental business portrait or a location business portrait, that can be arranged as many corporate clients needing professional headshots taken outside of a studio environment. Rates available on request.



  • Commercial: This headshot session is geared to represent you in print and to assist your agent in getting you through the doors. Please see: Acting Headshots (above)
  • Author: Author Photos for books should demonstrate confidence and signal professionalism, comfort and interest. Your headshot should make you look comfortable with yourself and have you look confident, so that you will appear approachable to the reader. 
  • Magazine: Your headshot needs to match your brand. Posture is important. The photographer will help guide you with your posing, head position, and help you with an expression - to bring out your best. It is important to believe in yourself. Dress business attire or business casual
  • Publication: This headshot is usually taken with nature light on an overcast day, or outdoors in the shade. Business attire or business casual. 



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